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Ambassador Award

Ambassador Award

Each year, one pupil in Year 6 is chosen to receive the Roger de la Perrelle Ambassador trophy. Roger de la Perrelle, on his retirement as headteacher from Devonshire in 2007, presented the trophy to the School to give an opportunity for special recognition for a Year 6 pupil as he or she leaves Devonshire.

Every single member of staff is invited to cast a vote. The trophy is awarded to someone who, in the eyes of the staff, will prove to be an excellent ambassador for Devonshire Primary School when he or she moves on to High School.

Mia - Devonshire Ambassador Award winner 2016

Mia is the very popular winner of the Ambassador Trophy for 2016. Every member of staff is given the opportunity to vote for the Year 6 student they feel has made a deep and sustained contribution to the quality of life throughout their Devonshire Primary career. Mia has set such high standards in the classroom, on stage and on the sports fields that she will be regarded as a wonderful ambassador for our school.

Good luck, Mia.

Devonshire Ambassador Trophy - Stephan and Anirvinya 2015The joint winners of the 2015 Ambassador Trophy are Anirvinya Sood and Stefan Bokula. Every member of staff votes for the Year 6 pupil who has made the greatest all-round contribution throughout their Devonshire Primary career and this is the first time that we have had a tie since the trophy was introduced in 2007. These are the words which were spoken in our special Leavers’ Assembly in front of the whole school (plus the winners’ parents who were surprise guests).

"Our first winner is a young man with excellent attendance – 98.66%. He is polite. He is clever. He is hard-working. He has the ability to be able to speak to absolutely anybody, whatever their age. Everything he does, he does well, whether it is inside the classroom or onstage. He is one of the hungriest readers, reading books almost as fast as Mrs Scrivens can buy them. He is a supremely efficient hall-monitor and his name is Anir Sood.

"Our second joint winner again has a tremendous attendance record – 99.73%. He is a larger than life character who has travelled far in his time at Devonshire. Football mad, he seems to change his football team allegiance more frequently than he changes his socks! He is loud and I cannot imagine Merit Assemblies next year without his efficient support distributing and collecting the Merit lists. Many of you will not know that he possesses the coolest middle names in the school. Our Joint Ambassador Trophy winner for 2015 is Stefan Jose Junior Bokula."

Congratulations to our two very deserving winners.

Lukas - Devonshire Ambassador Award 2014The winner of the 2014 Ambassador Trophy is Lukas Supragonas.  Every member of staff votes for the Year 6 pupil who has made the greatest all-round contribution throughout their Devonshire Primary career.  Lukas only joined the school in Year 4  but he is a very popular choice.  Cheers and applause from children and staff greeted the announcement.  He built strong and lasting friendships with  both staff and children.  Always ready to volunteer for a job, Lukas is a gentleman who will be missed by everyone at Devonshire.

Tom - Devonshire Ambassador Award 2013

The winner of the 2013 Ambassador Trophy is Tom O'Sullivan.  Every member of staff votes for the Year 6 pupil who has made the greatest all-round contribution throughout their Devonshire Primary career.  Tom is a very popular choice.  Cheers and applause from children and staff greeted the announcement.  His determination to succeed, coupled with his respect for opponents; his sense of humour, which is never spiteful and his capacity to respond to defeat and victory with the same positive attitude suggest that he will go from strength to strength in the years to come.  Well done, Tom.

Olivia - Devonshire Ambassador Award 2012Competition for this year's Ambassador Trophy was as tough as it has ever been.  Once all of the staff votes were counted, the worthy  - and very popular - winner was Olivia Appleby.  Olivia has such a positive attitude towards everything that she does, both inside and outside of the classroom.  She will be sorely missed by children and staff at Devonshire but we are all convinced that she will continue to make a really positive contribution both at her high school and beyond.  Congratulations, Olivia.

Lauren - Devonshire Ambassador Award 2011

Lauren Chandler was presented with the Ambassador Trophy in our final assembly of the school year.  As ever, there was very stiff competition for this award which is presented to a child leaving Devonshire who, in the opinion of the staff, will be an excellent ambassador for our school.  Lauren is a true all-rounder.  She got involved in everything at Devonshire, both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.  Reliable and diligent she never took herself too seriously, possessing a wonderful sense of humour.  She also has a truly infectious laugh that will be remembered at Devonshire for many years to come.  Along with all of our Y6 leavers, we wish Lauren all the very best as she transfers to high school.

Joseph - Devonshire Ambassador Award 2009

The award of the Ambassador Trophy was a very difficult decision this year with so many outstanding candidates, but the clear winner was the polite, respectful, popular and charming – Joe Massarella.

Well done Joe.  We wish you – and everybody else who has left Devonshire this year – all the very best for the future.

Amy - Devonshire Ambassador Award 2010As ever, the problem of selecting one single Ambassador Trophy winner from 60 Year 6 children was far from simple.  Every member of staff at Devonshire was invited to vote for the student they felt would be a sparkling ambassador for Devonshire Primary as they embark upon their high school career.  Amy O'Sullivan was a clear and thoroughly deserving winner.  Personal qualities of friendliness, approachability, kindness and empathy, plus a keen sense of humour (often directed against herself) contributed to her success. 

The staff would like to wish Amy - and all of the other children who are continuing their learning at a new school in September - every success for a bright, happy and successful future."

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