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Nursery and Reception children work on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is statutory. This provides a secure foundation for all children to make good progress throughout their school life. At the end of Reception each child has an Early Years Foundation Stage profile completed by their teacher which provides an accurate assessment of individual children at the end of the Early Year Foundation Stage. The profile describes each child's attainment against the 17 early learning goals.

Children in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) work on the National Curriculum which is statutory. This curriculum was revised in September 2014. Throughout Key Stage 1 and 2 children's progress and attainment is monitored through assessments but at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) the children's levels of attainment are reported as part of the statutory assessments that the children sit in these year groups.

Throughout the school, the teaching that the children receive and work that they are set takes account of their age, abilities and needs, and support is provided accordingly.

Devonshire uses the Cornerstones Curriculum which is a fun and exciting approach to the new curriculum.  It is a creative and thematic approach to the curriculum where creative links are made between subjects. It is a curriculum that is designed to inspire children to learn.

Each half term, all classes will work on an imaginative learning project and within each learning project children will work on a variety of subjects, learning new skills and through activities have the opportunity to consolidate and develop their understanding of what they have or are learning.

Each project is based on the 4 Cornerstones of Teaching and Learning with each project having 4 stages to it. The 4 stages are engage, develop, innovate and express.

Each stage has its own characteristics promoting high quality teaching, built upon childrens natural learning schema. Moving through the stages provides opportunities for children to learn at a deeper than they might otherwise.


A stage of learning that provides children with an inspiring and thought provoking starting point that stirs curiosity and initiates interest in a particular theme or concept linked to the project.


A stage of learning that provides children with an opportunity to develop and master key skills, subject knowledge, research techniques and independence. Children become industrious learners making sense of information and experiences, leading to sound understanding and progress. Children develop their knowledge, understanding, key and subject skills required to progress their learning and attainment through quality differentiation, focused learning tasks and high quality relevant learning experiences.


A stage of learning that challenges children's ability to work creatively, exploring possibilities and finding solutions. Using and applying previously learned skills, knowledge and understanding children work collaboratively to innovate, managing their own learning to achieve given success criteria. Teachers provide an imaginative and relevant provocation or scenario that provides opportunities to observe how successfully children can use, apply and problem solve in creative and imaginative ways.


A stage of learning that empowers children to share, celebrate and reflect with a range of partners and audiences. Children cement their learning through shared reflection with peers and other adults and are able to suggest next steps of learning. Teachers discuss, review and support individual and group evaluations using their observations and evidence to make summative assessments.


Ofsted Graded GOOD

Bronze Sainsbury's School Games Mark

Health schools London award - bronze 2016

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Sustainable travel: The Bronze Award is the first level of STARS accreditation. Achieving this demonstrates that a school encourages and promotes active and safe travel to the whole school community.

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