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Year 1

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Welcome to Year 1, an exciting transition from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1 and the National Curriculum. We aim to make this move as smooth as possible encouraging learning through play and more structured activities. As we move through the year our curriculum gradually becomes more structured as the children gain in maturity and experience.

Parental help is vitally important to us. We have a variety of activities you could participate in from reading and playing games to creative work. In every activity you will play a valuable role in helping each child develop new skills. If you can volunteer any time please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher.

Throughout the year we will be sending home activities you can assist your child with.

We would like you to read with or to your child everyday. Keywords should be practised on a regular basis.


Memory Box - AUTUMN 1

The children will be thinking about their memories of growing up and how things such as toys have changed throughout time. In DT, the children will get the chance to create their own memory box as well as finger puppet toys and sandwiches for our teddy bears picnic. We will also be exploring our Senses in Science and how they help us to understand our surroundings.



Children will be given the opportunity to explore the structure of sentences, with an emphasis on using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Within this, we will be writing invitations to our teddy bears picnic, what we want to be when we grow up and our own story endings.

Enchanted Woodland _ AUTUMN 2

The children will be exploring the British woodland through various cross curricular activities. In our first trip out of school of the year, we will be experiencing the wildlife that can be found around Britain and learning about their diets, habitats and features. In DT, we will be using clay to sculpt animals and natural materials with autumnal colours to create a woodland crown. In Science, we will also be looking at the habitats of animals outside of the UK and the types of animals that live in them. The term will finish with our Nativity performance.


Our focus will still remain on structuring sentences clearly while using full stops, capital letters and finger spaces, but we will also be starting to use adjectives to help add description into our work. The children will have the opportunity to look at non- fiction texts, eventually using them to create their own fact file. An emphasis will also be placed on fairy tales and becoming familiar with the characters and settings within these stories. The final outcome will be for the children to write a fairy tale in their own words.

Superheroes -SPRING 1

Throughout this topic, children will be introduced to different fictional superheroes and their powers. This will lead onto exploring ‘real life heroes’ where we will discuss different careers and people who help us such as nurses, doctors, police and firemen. A visit from a local ‘hero’ will help the children understand their roles and responsibilities. In DT, the children will be making their own superhero capes and masks – designing their own logos. Furthermore, the children will have the opportunity to design and make their own superhero puppet using felt and thread; they will also evaluate the effectiveness of their puppet. In science, the children will be exploring different materials, sorting them and experimenting with their properties.


The children will continue to learn how to structure a sentence using descriptive language. They will be exploring non-chronological reports, creating their own wanted posters for a fictional villain. The children will also be using adjectives in their work, describing their own superhero. Eventually, the children will write their own superhero story, structuring the story with a problem, a middle and a solution.

Dinosaurs - SPRING 2

During this topic, the children will learn about the different kinds of dinosaurs and their diets. In DT, they will have the opportunity to make their own ‘sock-a-saurus’ puppet and design their own dinosaurs with exciting captions during art. They will also be using paper mache to make their own dinosaur eggs! The children will have the opportunity to learn about Mary Anning during our history learning and understand why she is an important figure today. They will compare the equipment used in the past by palaeontologists to the equipment used today.


Children will be exploring information texts and using their understanding of non-fiction writing to create a fact file about their chosen dinosaur. Children will also be writing their own creative dinosaur stories. Children will be looking at different poems focusing on their features and structures as they work towards writing their own dinosaur poems.

Moon Zoom - SUMMER 1

During this topic, the children will be finding out about famous astronauts such as Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong and learning about the history of space travel. We will be looking at what astronauts can see from the International Space Station using satellites, and recognising key physical features of the Earth below. In DT, they will be creating their own telescope and designing and building their own space station using junk modelling.


The children will have the opportunity to write a letter to astronaut Tim Peake, highlighting the key features of a letter. To go alongside the creation of their space station, the children will also be creating their own advert to live on the station, thinking about persuasive language and adjectives. In the build up to the Phonics Screenings tests towards the end of the year, we focus on being able to apply phonics sounds to alien words.

Rio de Vida - SUMMER 2

We will be learning about the sights and sounds of Brazil. In Geography we will look at the climate and physical features and these change throughout the year. Using this, the children will be able to compare Brazilian cultures and traditions to those of our own in Britain. We will use our PE sessions to learn about the traditional dance of Samba. During Art, we will be exploring colour mixing and creating our own festival headdresses.


Our English will reflect our topic this term and will be focused around books linked to carnivals. We will be practicing the skill of using a dictionary as well as creating postcards, instruction writing, and using our imaginations to create short stories that will enable the children to apply the skills they have learnt throughout the year.





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