Welcome to Year 2 - the final year of Key Stage One.

Curriculum Map

We are always pleased to have parents coming in to support reading. There may be opportunities to help with other activities throughout the year and we will send a note when these occur.

Homework is set as appropriate but normally consists of one piece of maths  per week, given on Friday and collected early the following week. In addition regular reading practice is essential.


Autumn 1

Muck, Mess and Mixture-Cross Curricular

Muck and mess is good! In fact, it’s mega-marvellous. Children will have the opportunity to explore different textures using most of their senses, while developing their descriptive language. Pour, mix stir and splat! Children will have the opportunity to explore playdough with different additions, make pizza and create with paint!

English – Cross Curricular

Welcome to the Mr Men world. Children will immerse into the land of Mr Men and Little Miss, they will listen to a range of the stories from this series. Children will have the opportunity to further develop their story language through writing their own versions of a chosen Little Miss or Mr.

As part of our Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic, children will write lists and instructions for getting messy and are set the task of creating their own potion, giving George a helping hand.


Autumn 2

Towers, Tunnels and Turrets- Cross Curricular

Our trip to Hampton Court provides an exciting start to our topic. Children find out about the different features of castles, the people that have lived there and what happened in everyday life. Children are challenged to build a castle and explore how to make a bridge. We look at different bridges and tunnels around the world and their purpose.

English – Cross Curricular

A castle theme provides the perfect opportunity to read many books to find different facts and learn the features of non–fiction text. Our visit to Hampton court further builds on the knowledge children have learnt so they can write their own information texts. Later children can develop their imagination through fiction books based on our topic. We finish through writing an ending to one of the stories enjoyed, providing the children the time to show off their rich vocabulary.


Spring 1

Street Detectives

There is a strong History and Geography focus to teach children about their local area. The topic develops children’s knowledge of key landmarks, services and the community, how these have changed over the years and what they, as the young generation, can do for the local area.

In Geography, we will be exploring the local area (Sutton), including human and physical features, using and making maps with keys and looking at aerial images.


Children will have the opportunity to read a range of traditional tales to develop their imagination and exploring use of language in these stories. ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ will be the main teaching text. Children will let their imaginations run wild, creating their own version of the classic story to further develop their descriptive language and use of punctuation.

Through role play, children will be travelling back in time to 1666, introducing the Great Fire of London topic. They will take on the role of either be King Charles II or Samuel Pepys and learn to write a letter and diary.


Spring 2

Land Ahoy - Cross Curricular

With a strong history focus we find out about a life on the high seas. The children will find out about famous pirates and design their own treasure maps. We will use a pulley system to make a moving picture and we will also find out about the historical figure of Grace Darling.

English – Cross Curricular

The children will explore the story of Grace Darling through drama and then write a report on the story. We will use stories based at sea to develop descriptive language and write a sequel. Sea Poetry will be read to further develop language and the children will use that language in their own poetry. Pupils are encouraged to use a range of vocabulary and punctuation in their writing.


Summer 1

Land Ahoy – Cross Curricular

We continue the Land Ahoy topic but from the shore. We compare Sutton to a seaside location and use photos, video clips and text to find out about seaside holidays in the past and compare them to the present day. We create seaside collages and develop observation skills to sketch fish and shells.

English – cross curricular

Keeping with the theme of the sea and the seaside, we encourage the pupils to use all the grammar and writing skills learnt earlier in the year to write letters, stories and instructions. We find out facts about different types of sharks and write information texts about them.


Summer 2

Wriggle and Crawl

With a strong science focus, Wriggle and Crawl aims to develop children’s knowledge of living things and their habitats. Pupils identify, observe and investigate mini-beasts and understand their life cycles.


Have you ever being carried away by giant bees or been trapped in a silvery spider web? Introducing magic potion again, hot seating and role-play, children become a miniature ‘mini me’ to explore our garden patch and go on an adventure while trying to work out how to transform back into normal size. Children are encouraged to develop creative writing through stories and poetry.

In non-fiction writing, children will learn to write an information leaflet after their visit to the Sutton Ecology Centre. We end the summer topic with non-chronological report writing about insects.