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Year 3

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Year 3 is an important year as it marks your child's transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. We aim to make this transition as worry-free and enjoyable as possible. We also aim to ensure that the children develop their skills as confident and happy learners and are able to take a full and active part in the life of Key Stage Two.

Reading books are changed weekly and it would be appreciated if you could record your child's new book in their contact books, along with your comments, when you listen to them read at home.

Spellings and maths homework are given at the end of each week. Numeracy homework is to be handed in on Wednesday. Spellings will be done in the children's contact books so parents can see how well their child is doing.

We welcome any help that parents are able to offer in school.

  • Parent helpers are needed on trips, swimming and tennis.
  • Parents who are willing to listen to readers at school.

All parent helps must have a DBS check which the school office can organise.


Predators (AUTUMN 1)

It’s time to take a walk on the wild side!

This half term, we’ll invite some amazing animals into our classroom to discover how they move, their habitats, diet and adaptation. We investigate food chains and learn about how animals find their food.

From our investigations about the human skeleton, we find out how muscle make the bones move. We also examine a healthy diet and its components.

In English we look at fables, writing our own based on the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

We develop our research and note taking skills to produce a non-chronological report about cheetahs.

Might Metals (AUTUMN 2)

Mighty metals are everywhere! From earrings to rockets, metals have shaped the world we live in today.

During the second half of the Autumn Term, we’re going to become fantastic physicists, exploring the world of forces, metals and materials. In our playground, we’ll explore the forces that help us to slide, swing and move. We’ll look closely at pneumatics and use them to make a moving toy. In maths, we will be focussing on the 4x, 8x and 3x tables. To learn more about forces, we shall be exploring magnets and their uses.

In English we shall take Iron Man by Ted Hughes as our class book, basing our writing around this.

Tremors (SPRING)

What happens when the Earth shakes? In this project, we’ll find out about the dangerous world of natural disasters and their deadly effects.

This half term we’ll gather rock samples, find out about different types of rocks and sort them according to their properties. By carrying out research, we’ll investigate the Earth’s layers and the location of volcanoes, discovering what causes them to erupt. We’ll write powerful poetry inspired by our work on volcanoes. Working as archaeologists, we’ll locate Mount Vesuvius on a map and find out what it was like to live in Pompeii during the eruption. We’ll also use different modelling materials to create a volcano – watch out, it’s going to blow!

The Firework Maker’s Daughter, by Phillip Pullman, always proves popular as a class book and a basis for writing a narrative.

As this topic lasts the whole of the Spring Term, we also read Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree, using this as a stimulus for fantasy writing.

Flow (SUMMER 1)

Get your wellies on and let’s wade right in!

This half term, we’ll visit a local river to find out what lives there, where the river is going and how fast it’s travelling. At the river, we’ll collect water and soil samples and catch river creatures. We’ll examine the samples at school to investigate how clean the water is. Using our creativity, we’ll write journals as river travellers and journey on an imaginary boat to rivers around the world. Our descriptive river poetry will capture the movement of water, and we’ll mix watercolours to create beautiful paintings in art. Our map reading and research skills will help us to find out about world famous rivers. Michael Morpurgo’s Dolphin Boy captivates the children developing language skills.

We investigate plants, their life cycle and learning about different parts of flowering plants.

Tribal Tales (SUMMER 2)

Let’s travel back to prehistoric times!

This half term we’re going to investigate a prehistoric site in our local area by studying maps and researching online. Through our research, we’ll learn about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. What were people’s daily lives like and what epic battles did they fight? We’ll look closely at cave paintings and create our own. As we learn about the Bronze Age, we’ll build monuments and investigate their shadows. Then, we’ll travel to the Iron Age to learn about hill forts and the properties of iron. During an exploratory dig, we’ll find all sorts of objects and creatures. What will we uncover?

We will be reading Stig of the Dump, which tells the story of a young boy who befriends a Stone Age Man.



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