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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! We hope all the children had a great summer and are ready for their final year at Devonshire.

We would love parents to come in and listen to the children read on a weekly basis. Parents are also always welcome to assist us on our trips, as these cannot go ahead without this help.

The children are usually given two days to complete any one piece of homework. Please encourage your child to return homework on time.


 Curriculum Map

AUTUMN 1 - Darwin’s Delights – Cross Curricular

This topic has a science focus, where children will investigate evolution and how living things are suited to their habitats. Darwin himself will also be studied in history, including the route he took on HMS Beagle and his theory of evolution by natural selection. Through their studies of the Galapagos Islands, children will have the opportunity to develop their map reading and atlas skills.

English – Cross Curricular

The children will start by focusing on journalistic writing, using two of Roald Dahl’s classic stories as stimulus for their work. Following from their research into the life and works of Charles Darwin, children will write a journal entry from the viewpoint and style of Darwin himself. Persuasive writing is the final focus of the term, where the children will write letters encouraging a friend to visit the Galapagos Islands on holiday.

AUTUMN 2 - Frozen Kingdom – Cross Curricular

In this unit, the children will study the key features of the Polar Region and make comparisons to other climates around the world. The children will discover the beautiful artwork of the Inuit and use this as inspiration for their own artwork. The history of the region will be studied, including emigration and the exploration in the early 1900s.

English –

Children will write a non-chronological report on the sinking of the Titanic; they will use a variety of sources to collect information and discuss the causes behind the tragedy. This half term, the children will have their first opportunity to write in a narrative style. Using ‘Into the Woods’ as inspiration, children will write an alternative fairy tale, merge stories together or write their own version of the ending. We end the term by writing instructions linked to the Christmas film ‘Prep and Landing’.

SPRING 1 - Hola Mexico! – Cross Curricular

This unit begins with an inspirational workshop from Dr Diane Davies- the leading authority on the study of the Maya civilisation. Popular foods of the country will be created, tasted and evaluated in design and technology as part of studies into Mexican culture. Additionally, children will learn about: school life, landscape and climate, and traditional festivals. In art, the children will have the opportunity to design and make their own Maya-inspired stellae, pot or tile using clay.

English -

Children will begin with a Shakespearean study with his play ‘Macbeth’ being used as the primary focus. From this, a letter from Macbeth’s point of view and a newspaper detailing the death of King Duncan is written. Descriptive writing is the focus after this, with the children writing a short, but detailed, piece using a range of descriptive styles. Poetry ends the English learning for the half term. Children will identify the linguistic features of poetry writing in ‘Flannan Isle’ and use this to inspire their own poem.

SPRING 2 - Groovy Greeks – Cross Curricular

In this unit, we will begin by studying the Ancient Greek Empire and compare it to modern day Greece. The Ancient Olympics will be studied to demonstrate the influence ancient civilisations have on modern culture.   Warfare, weapons and political structures the Ancient Greeks used will be a key focus throughout the topic.

English -

The half term will begin with the children learning about Ancient Greek gods. They will then use this information to write a non-chronological report about the gods. Continuing with the Greek theme, children will learn about some of the ancient myths and legends before retelling one of these stories themselves.


SUMMER - A Child’s War – Cross Curricular

With a strong history focus, the children will learn the key dates, leaders and events of WW2. They will learn about which cities were damaged by the Blitz in Geography, as well as where children were evacuated. In art, children design their own propaganda posters and will learn popular songs from the time.The children’s comparative study this term will look at the similarities and differences between wartime homes and modern day homes.

English –

After listening to Chamberlain’s declaration of war speech, the children will write memoirs imagining what life would have been like at the time. Linked to their learning about evacuation, children will apply their persuasive strategies in a letter convincing a parent to evacuate their child. The final piece of writing the children will complete is a retelling of a short story from the Harry Potter series. The ‘Story of the Three Brothers’ will give children their final opportunity to showcase all of the skills that they have learnt in Year 6.


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