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Health Assessment interviews conducted by the School Nurse will be offered to all new entrants during their second term in school. A school medical is offered to those children for whom it is considered appropriate or whose parents request it. During their first term an audiometrician will check each child's hearing and the results of this will be notified to parents immediately if there are any concerns.

Medical information

If your child has a serious or recurring medical problem, please let the school know.


Staff are not allowed to administer medicines. Parents may make arrangements for a trusted adult to come into school with the medication. Special arrangements are made for those children who must regularly have a prescribed medicine on a long-term basis.

Asthma sufferers are encouraged to keep Ventolin inhalers in school in the asthma bag in their classrooms.

It is a parental responsibility to ensure his/her child's inhaler or epipen is not out of date.

Head lice

Please visit www.onceaweektakeapeek.com for essential advice on how to prevent and deal with head lice. To help prevent the spread of head lice, long hair must be tied back securely in a ponytail, bun or similar style.

View the school's  folder Head Lice Policy .

Education welfare services

An Attendance Officer makes regular visits to the school to help with any difficulties regarding attendance or punctuality. The Officer is also available to advise on domestic problems that may affect a child's education. Contact may be made through the school or parents may telephone direct on 8770 6607.

Road safety

Whenever possible please park well away from the school entrances to reduce the risk of accidents. Cars must never be parked on the zig-zag lines or on private land belonging to the flats opposite the school.

Please look after your children when they are crossing the car park entrance as vehicles enter and leave the school car park throughout the day. This entrance can be particularly hazardous for younger children waiting for Junior children after school. Please help to keep this area safe by ensuring that children keep clear when a vehicle is driving through the entrance. 

The school car park

We request your support in following our rules as to use of the school car park to prevent the possibility of an avoidable accident to our children.

Parents must not drive into the School grounds to collect or deliver children. The car park is for the use of school staff only.

Please do not use the car park as a cut through to or from the Infant playground or Nursery. Children are told only to use their own pedestrian entrances and not the vehicular access because of the risk of an accident and we urge everyone collecting or delivering children to show support for this message.

Responsibility for safety in the Infant playground

We ask all parents and carers to take care of their children when in the Infant playground. Children are not permitted to play on any part of the climbing and play equipment before or after school. This applies to all children, whether at Devonshire or not. We also ask parents and carers to prevent children from playing on any of the walls in the playground. This playground is for use of Devonshire children under the supervision of staff within school hours. The school is not responsible for your children when they are in the playground at other times.

Children in school are told that these restrictions are school rules which are imposed for their safety and those of other children. Parents and carers are also asked to keep to these rules.

Child protection

Devonshire Primary children should all be able to grow up in circumstances where they are safe and supported.

A copy of our folder Child protection policy & procedures  is available on this site.

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