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At Devonshire we are busy collecting plastic milk bottle tops. We've been asked to help someone who needs to collect as many plastic milk bottle tops as possible so that they can get a wheelchair that they need. Their challenge is to collect their body weight in milk bottle tops! If you would like to help us with this project, please bring any plastic milk bottle tops to the school office.
Congratulations to our 31 Year 6 cyclists who have passed their cycling proficiency - everyone who took part in the course passed!
The School Council organised their termly cake sale in the Summer Term to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Thanks to the cakes that everyone brought in to be included in our cake sale and the cakes that people bought at the cake sale we raised £104.20 for Cancer Research UK.

On the 26th June, four Devonshire pupils (Khawas, Emily, Fabian and Angela) represented the school at Nonsuch High School to compete against 13 other schools in a maths challenge.

We sat down on a table and began the competition. The first four rounds passed quickly.
Sharing out the questions, we: work out, answer and check each question.

The first six. That's what the man called out. Silence. After three other schools there was a colossal cheer for Devonshire as it was called out. After a quick break, the competition reached its climax.

The final round. The relay round. Separating into two pairs; two of us answered the question; went to the table at the front; took the next one and passed it to the other group.

The results. Three sets of medals lay on the table ready for first, second and third.
Third place: Devonshire Primary!!

Regional Primary School Maths Challenge 2013

During SATs week school started a little bit earlier for Year 6.  Before the children began their SATs last week they were invited to have breakfast in the school hall, prepared and served by the staff and paid for by the PSA.  From Monday - Thursday 40 of the 59 Year 6 children joined us for a breakfast of cereals, fruit, toast and juice.

Year 6 SATs breakfast  Year 6 SATs breakfast 
 Year 6 SATs breakfast  Year 6 SATs breakfast



At Devonshire we are lucky enough to have a variety of trees around the edge of the playground. Eco group collected leaves from these trees so that they could identify the trees. They were amazed at how many different trees they found leaves from. Today Eco group added another tree to the playground. Devonshire is one of ten schools in the borough celebrating National Tree Week by planting a fruit tree. Our Year 6 members of Eco group worked with Anna and Ben from the ecology centre to plant a plum tree at the bottom of the Junior playground. Once they had planted it they had to make a pledge to take care of the tree by watering it regularly. Look out for our new plum tree when you are next in the Junior playground.

No pens or pencils were seen in classrooms or used by children at Devonshire on Wednesday 24th October as we held our first ever 'No Pens Day'. It was a day that promoted the importance of speaking and listening.  Every class did a full day's work, all without using a pen or pencil. 

Activities that the children took part in included speaking and listening activities, practicing speaking clearly and using longer words, using senses to explore a variety of objects, playing maths games, making 3d shapes from nets using lots of shape vocabulary, drama, paired talking activities and many many more. The children were buzzing with excitement about not being able to use a pen or pencil all day.

 Devonshire was a busy place on no pens day and children enjoyed the activities that they were involved in during the day. They could all say what they had learnt from activities and were amazed by how much work could be done without a pen or pencil!




The Year 6 extension English group became journalists one Wednesday morning in October.  Apollo, the building company based at The Shanklin Estate, invited the group to interview the various trades people working on their site.  Like all good jouranlists the children thought carefully about what they wanted to know and what they then needed to ask their interviewees.  The group had a very productive morning gathering plenty of information to use when writing their interviews.

Look out for their work on the 'Our work' page of the website.Apollo building site 2012

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