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This page contains information and photos about events at the school. For details about other events and activities, go to Children's news, Nursery news and PSA news.

At Devonshire we have 3 words which we feel are very important to the Devonshire community – diversity, pride and success. Each term we focus on a different word so in the Autumn term we focussed on diversity and in the Spring term we focussed on pride. This term, we will be looking at success. It will be the focus of assemblies where we will be celebrating children’s successes and encouraging children to share their successes whether they be inside or outside of school.
On the subject of success, congratulations to Zak, Madeleine and Chase from Year 4 and Thinon from Year 3 who have all earned their gold merit mention certificate. Also, congratulations to Helena (Year 4), Archisha (Year 5), Samarth (Year 5), Manishi (Year 5) and Sarah (Year 6) who have all passed their recent flute exams.

All of Year 5 took part in an enterprise morning. In groups they designed either a toy or a game which helped to promote environmental issues. The winning group represented Devonshire at an enterprise afternoon at Greenshaw High School where they competed against other schools. Their design was a virtual reality headset made from recycled materials and an app to connect a phone to the headset.

Well done to our team named Genius Genetics which comprised of Endu, Sophie, Joshua, Matas and Krithigan who represented Devonshire at the event. They were excellent ambassadors for Devonshire and were very worthy runners up in the competition.

This week we are celebrating Devonshire’s 50th anniversary.

The school was first opened on 29th April 1968, 50 years ago. It opened with 153 pupils who were organised into 5 classes. We now have 710 pupils organised into 23 classes. When the school opened there were 7 staff, now there are over 100 staff. Devonshire has changed a lot over the last 50 years; not only is it a lot bigger but it also has wonderful new buildings and facilities. However, what has not changed is that it continues to be a very important part of the local community.

This week, the children have been involved in a variety of anniversary activities. These include making a collage using the 50ps that you kindly donated last week, having a whole school photo taken (with all 710 children and 100 staff looking at the camera at the same time!), planting flowers to mark out 1968 and 2018, learning about a decade from the last 50 years and on Friday there is a 1960s themed school lunch.

On Friday, our celebrations culminate with an event for Devonshire families.

After school, Devonshire families are welcome to join us on the field as we continue the celebrations. Each year group will be performing the song that they have been learning as part of their work throughout the week and families can join in with the activities that the classes have set up. Thank you to Mrs Love and her working party who have been planning and organising our anniversary celebrations.

Last term, 240 children had 100% attendance and are proudly wearing the badges that they have been awarded for their achievement.

Our overall attendance up until the end of the Spring Term is 95.5%. We are still falling short of our target (96%) so a concerted effort is needed if we are to meet and hopefully exceed our target.

We have sent out letters on 23rd April to parents/carers of children whose attendance has fallen below 90%. In many cases, you will have contacted the school to advise the reason for your child’s absence and if not you will have been asked for a reason as this is a legal requirement. The purpose of these letters is to highlight your child’s current attendance so that you can be mindful of how quickly sessions missed have an effect on your child’s attendance percentage.

Seven classes topped the attendance rocket last half term: Swans, Chaffinches, Larks, Ash, Hawthorn, Holly and Sycamore. Congratulations to Oak and Aspen who had 100% attendance in the first week of term.

Devonshire is taking part in a project that encourages children to drink more water; something that is so important for the children. Our commitment to this project is that we will continue to encourage children to drink water and educate them about the benefits of doing this and during the summer term, we will only allow children to drink water during the school day. Children who have packed lunches will only be allowed to have water in their packed lunch. There will be more information sent home to families about this project next term.

In the last newsletter I told you about Active for 15, a new initiative that we were introducing where children are active for 15 minutes at least 3 times a week, in addition to playtimes and PE lessons. The children and staff are really enjoying it. Classes are doing it at different times of the day and often with other classes so there is a social aspect to it, which is something we are keen to promote as well. Watching the children being active for 15 shows what a good and worthwhile initiative it is with children trying to improve their own fitness, rather than competing with other children and most importantly they all have smiles on their faces.

Our Top of the Form team reached the final of this competition. The competition requires the children to answer a series of very tricky general knowledge questions and work together as a team. It was a very close competition with Devonshire being pipped to the post in the last round, losing by only 3 points. Well done to Hari, Sophia, Tanuri and Iniyaa, we are incredibly proud of you.

A team of Devonshire gymnasts entered a gymnastics festival last week. They created their own composition based on diversity, pride and success which are words that we focus on as a school. Miss Dourado, Miss Newton and Gemma, our gymnastics coach, were very proud of the children.

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