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Leadership team

Headteacher - Miss Fiona Oastler

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Bethan Scrivens, with responsibility for Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6)

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Laura Love, with responsibility for Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) and Foundation Stage (Reception & Nursery)

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Paula Harrison, with responsibility for special educational needs and inclusion

School Business Manager

Mrs Wendy Close

Heads of Key Stages and Foundation Stage (Reception & Nursery)

Head of upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5-6) - Mr J. Wells

Head of lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3-4) - Miss R. Dourado

Head of Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) - Mrs S. Meldon

Head of Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) - Mrs A. Attrill

Teaching staff

Key Stage 2

Class Key Stage 2 teachers
Year 6 - Willow Miss N. Moss
Year 6 - Sycamore Mr J. Wells
Year 6 - Oak Mrs K. Cox
Year 6 - Pine Mr G. Cox
Year 5 - Hawthorn Mrs D. Harris
Year 5 - Holly Miss R. Byfield
Year 5 - Hazel Mrs S. Reddy
Year 4 - Chestnut Miss R. Dourado
Year 4 - Cedar Mrs R. Saunderson
Year 4 - Cherry Mr A. Reddy
Year 3 - Ash Mrs C. Kingsnorth
Year 3 - Aspen Miss D. Messenger
Year 3 - Birch Mrs H. Stockden

Key Stage 1

Class Key Stage 1 teachers
Year 2 - Eagles Mrs M. Sage
Year 2 - Chaffinches Mrs S. Meldon
Year 2 - Larks Miss M. Newton
Year 1 - Wrens Miss S. Leitch
Year 1 - Woodpeckers Mrs A. Blackhall
Year 1 - Nightingales Miss N. Walton

Foundation stage - Reception

Class Reception teachers
Reception - Sparrows Mrs S. Page &
Mrs S O'Mahony
Reception - Swans Miss L. Martin
Reception - Robins Miss T. Sumner

Foundation stage - Nursery

Nursery teachers

Mrs A. Attrill

Mrs L. Porter

Nursery teaching assistants

Mrs L. Barnett

Mrs K. De Silva

Cover (PPA) teachers/HLTAs

Miss K. Graham

Mrs B. Spiller

Mrs S. Rouse

Mrs V. Bernardo

Mrs L. Forde

Miss H. Goodall

Miss N. Kinloch

Miss V. Massarella

Mrs L. Barnett

Science teacher

Miss K. Graham

Literacy and numeracy support teacher

Mrs S. Tickner

Teaching Assistants - Key Stage 2

Mrs J. Bassett - Y3 and ELSA TA
Mrs J. Edwards - Y5 
Mrs L. Forde - Y6
Mrs R. Herd - Y5
Mrs L. Kerbey - Y6 and SEN support
Mrs P. Ladiwal - Y4
Mrs A. Lee - Y6
Mrs T. Migliaccio - Y5
Mrs G. Motala - EAL
Mrs F. Murphy - Y4
Mrs A. Orchard - Y3
Mrs J. Penman - EAL
Mrs H. Styles - Y4
Mrs S. Underwood - Y6
Mrs K. Wheeler - Y3 and senior ELSA TA
Mrs M. Zajac - Y3

Teaching assistants - Key Stage 1 & Reception

Mrs S. Angell - Reception
Mrs J. Bassett - Y1
Mrs I. Borrowman - Reception
Mrs L. Byfield - Y1 and EAL
Mrs S. Carnevale Jones - Y1
Mrs S. Dorrell - Y1
Miss H. Goodall - Reception
Mrs G. Lee - Y2
Miss S. Lee - Reception
Mrs I. Maddock - Y1
Miss V. Massarella - Reception and ELSA
Mrs S. Messenger - Y1
Mrs J. Murase - Y1 & Y2
Mrs B. Sweeney - Reception
Mrs. T. Puvirajan - Y2

SEN Teaching assistants

Mrs M. Carter Hodge
Mrs E. Drewett
Mrs M. Jayatilake
Mrs D. Logue
Mrs S. Messenger
Mrs A. Seymour (ELSA TA)
Mrs C. Spearman (maternity leave)
Mrs N. Humphries 
Miss C. Bullions
Miss S. Massey
Mrs D. Memon

Office staff

Mrs C. Bartram
Mrs G. Arram
Miss N. Whittaker
Mrs T. Campkin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mrs C. Hadland  

Site management

Mr J. Bettis - site manager (resident)
Mr L. Gordon - site assistant
Ms K. Carter - site assistant

Midday supervisors

Mrs S Angell - Senior Midday Supervisor 
Mrs J. Cole - Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs M. Carter-Hodge

Mrs J. Gowran

Mrs T. Migliaccio

Mrs J. Penman

Mrs B. Haq

Mrs S. Irwin

Mrs A Qureshi

Mrs M. Rob

Mrs A. Seymour

Miss S. Constantinou
Mrs S. Karas
Miss S. Lee
Mrs C. Marsh
Mrs A. Raynbird
Mrs K. De Silva
Mrs H. Waters



Mrs E. Drewett

Mrs J. Bassett

Mrs S. Messenger
Mrs S. Blanchett
Mrs L. Byfield
Mrs S. Messenger
Mrs A. Orchard
Ms P. Singh
Mrs E. Snowden

SEN Midday supervisors

Mrs M. Jayatilake
Mrs D. Logue
Mrs S. Warren

Extra KS2 Midday supervisors

Mrs J. Gowran
Mrs T. Migliaccio
Mrs J. Penman

Extra KS1 and Reception Midday supervisors

Mrs B. Haq
Mrs S. Irwin
Mrs T. Norman

Subject leaders and special responsibilities

Art - Mr A. Reddy

Assessment - Miss F. Oastler

Attendance - Mrs P. Harrison

D&T (design and technology) - Miss D. Messenger

English (literacy)- Mrs B. Scrivens

EAL (English as an additional language)- Miss N. Moss

Eco group - Mrs S. Reddy

Equality policies - Miss F. Oastler

Geography - Mrs C. Kingsnorth

History - Miss S. Leitch

ICT - Mr G. Cox

Maths - Mrs L. Love

Modern foreign languages - Mrs S. Reddy

More able, gifted and talented - Mr J. Wells

Music - Mrs R. Saunderson

PE - Miss M. Newton & Mrs K. Cox

Phonics - Miss T. Sumner & Mrs A. Blackhall

PSHE (personal, social and health education) and citizenship- Mrs S. Rouse

Pupil premium - Mrs P. Harrison

RE - Mrs M. Sage

Science - Miss K. Graham

Travel plan - Mrs H. Stockden

6Rs - Mrs S. Reddy

A-Z Club

A-Z Breakfast Club

Manager - Miss N. Santos

Mrs K. Wheeler
Mrs P. Simner
Mrs J. Cole

A-Z After School Club

Manager - Miss N. Santos

Deputy Manager - Mrs C. Spearman (maternity leave)

Mrs B. Haq
Mrs P. Simner
Mrs V. Massarella
Mrs L. Byfield
Mrs S. Angell
Miss H. Goodall
Mrs T. Migliaccio

A-Z Club Cook - Mr M. Nye

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