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Who are we?

We have a very active School Council which ensures that all of the children in the School have their views and opinions represented.  It is a very important part of Devonshire Primary School.  Each class from Year 3 upwards is represented on our School Council by two children, who have each been elected as a School Councillor by their class.  A new School Council is established each year.  Any child can be a School Councillor; it is a great opportunity for the children to play an important role in this vital part of School life.

Our photos are displayed on the School Council notice boards so that everyone knows who we are.

What do we do?

We meet regularly to discuss issues raised in class or whole School projects.  We always feed back to the rest of the School so that everyone knows how the School Council is working to help the School. 

We also organise fund raising activities.



Reports from the School Council

During the autumn term, we raised £544 for Children in Need, £383 for the Dreaming Tree charity from our collections at the end of each Christmas production and £401 for Save the Children through our Christmas Jumper Day.

Thank you for your kind donations and thank you to the School Council who organised two of our charity fundraising events in the autumn term.

Our current School Councillors have been elected by their classes and are keen to work together to make Devonshire an even better place.   Thinon, Scarlett, Yayha, Charlotte, Nial and Sarah are the School Councillors for Year 3.  Tim, Sienna, Nadia, Oliver, Zak and Helena are the School Councillors for Year 4.  Enduanda, Orkida, Carter, Somo, Avinash, Angel and Charlie are the School Councillors for Year 5 with Srot, Lilly-Rose, Freddie, Sophia, Ella and Harry representing Year 6.

Our Comic Relief cake sale raised £246.  When we add this to the money that we have already raised from our red themed own clothes day we have raised a total of £661 for Comic Relief.

 In January the school councillors went to visit the mayor. The school councillors weren't put off by the snow that was falling that day because they were very excited and curious about meeting the mayor (Sean Brennan.) The Sutton Guardian wrote an article about our visit. Two of our councillors are writing an article for the website. Look out for it and the photos that will be on line soon.

We met Paul Burstow, he told us what he did and how his job was similar to ours. We asked him questions about his job at Parliament and he asked us questions about our job as school councillors. At one of our meetings we looked at the plans for the new school building, they looked amazing and really colourful. We held a cake sale to raise money for Children in Need and this raised £217.00. Each week we ask our class for ideas about how we can make the school even better for the children.  Next term we have other exciting projects - look out for them on our web page.

This term we have  introduced brief weekly updates for our web page to let everyone know what we discuss each week.

In October the school council met Paul Burstow, our local Member of Parliament.  It was a very interesting meeting and we asked him lots of questions.  Paul Burstow enjoyed the meeting too and tweeted that he had had a good question and answer session at Devonshire with insightful questions.

20 children, 2 from each class, from Years 2 - 6 have been elected by their class to become school councillors for this academic year.  In one of our first meetings Fabian was voted as the chair person, Irtiza as the vice chair person, Caitlin as the secretary and Zeynep will be updating the school council page of the website so that everyone knows what we do each week.

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