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Who are we?

We have a very active School Council which ensures that all of the children in the School have their views and opinions represented.  It is a very important part of Devonshire Primary School.  Each class from Year 2 upwards is represented on our School Council by two children, who have each been elected as a School Councillor by their class.  A new School Council is established each year.  Any child can be a School Councillor; it is a great opportunity for the children to play an important role in this vital part of School life.

Our photos are displayed on the School Council notice boards so that everyone knows who we are.

What do we do?

We meet regularly to discuss issues raised in class or whole School projects.  We always feed back to the rest of the School so that everyone knows how the School Council is working to help the School. 

We also organise fund raising activities. Look out for our termly cake sales!

In the past our School Council has helped buy benches for the playground, plants for the school grounds and has used the Sainsbury's vouchers that everyone collects to get lots of new Golden Time equipment.

We have recently represented Devonshire’s School Council at a Borough wide School Council event and met Paul Burstow, our local Member of Parliament.

Reports from the School Council

During the autumn term, we raised £544 for Children in Need, £383 for the Dreaming Tree charity from our collections at the end of each Christmas production and £401 for Save the Children through our Christmas Jumper Day.

Thank you for your kind donations and thank you to the School Council who organised two of our charity fundraising events in the autumn term.

The School Council had a busy Autumn term.  As well as their weekly meetings with Miss Oastler they met with a representative from Caterlink and provided feedback about school meals.  As a result of their feedback some changes were made to the meals that are provided. They also met with Mrs Barnes to discuss the junior playground plans and 3 School Councillors went to visit another primary school in Sutton who had the playground equipment that we were planning on having. The School Councillors had the opportunity to play on the equipment and thoroughly test it out. Following their visit and the School Council's feedback one change was made to the plans. The playground work is starting in February and after half term the junior playground will have a brand new colourful trim trail. In November two local councillors came to Devonshire to plant daffodil bulbs with the School Council so in the spring the front of the school should be awash with daffodils.

The School Council have not only made a difference to life at Devonshire, they have also helped to make a difference to the lives of other children. They planned and helped organise a cake sale to raise money for Children in Need and together with the proceeds of a mufti day this raised an amazing £921!

News hot off the press!!

During half term the playground markings that we ordered are being painted on to the Junior playground.  These will make a real difference to our playtimes!

In the Autumn term 2014 we organised a cake sale and a mufti day in aid of Children in Need, our cake sale was so popular that Pudsey himself made an appearance!  We had set ourselves a target of raising £500 and we are proud to say that we exceeded this target and raised £530.

We also spent quite a few of our meetings thinking about ways that we could make the Junior playground more exciting.  The PSA have raised £10,000 to be used on livening up the Junior playground and we have been given the task of choosing things that will liven up the playground and make the best use of the money.  We did lots of research and asked lots of people their opinions and decided to start by making the tarmacked area more colourful with some playground markings that the children can use to play on.  We've chosen a snakes and ladder game, a 1 - 20 target circle, a 4 way hop-scotch, a piggy in the middle game, a co-ordinate grid and a 60 metre obstacle course.  All of these will be painted on to the tarmac.  The best news is that by shopping around and with the help of Mrs Barnes we managed to get a very good deal and have only used £3000, so we still have another £7000 to use!

We worked with  Mrs Saunderson on reviewing the new golden time initiative.  This year the way that golden time is run has changed and each week there are 9 different activities that we can choose from. Mrs Saunderson wanted to meet with us to see what we thought of the changes and if there were any changes needed to the activities that were offered.  As a result of our meeting with Mrs Saunderson there will be a few changes.  Instead of netball and football there will now be indoor sports in the infant hall - much of this change is down to the weather! Table tennis and cooking are being added to the 9 activities on offer.

This term we have  introduced brief weekly updates for our web page to let everyone know what we discuss each week.

Our cake sale this term raised £104.20 for Cancer Research UK, thank you to everyone who supported our cake sale by bringing in cakes to be included in the cake sale and by buying cakes at the cake sale itself.

This term the School Council have been thinking about ways to make the Junior playground even better. The PSA have been busy raising money to improve the facilities in the Junior playground and need the children's help as to how they can best spend the money. We have set up a forum on Fronter for you to share your ideas, thank you to those of you who have already contributed to the forum. Look out for the forum when you next log on to Fronter.

Our Comic Relief cake sale raised £246.  When we add this to the money that we have already raised from our red themed own clothes day we have raised a total of £661 for Comic Relief.

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