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British Values

Promoting Fundamental British Values.


In accordance with the Department for Education, we actively promote British Values at Devonshire, to ensure that our pupils leave school prepared for life in modern Britain.


Our school vision and values very much support the promotion of these British Values in all areas of school life.    They are built into our curriculum and through this, children understand their importance and how they apply to their learning, their experiences and approach to situations. 

There are also many opportunities outside of the classroom that also promote these values.


These include:

  • Classes agreeing and setting their class charter at the start of the school year. 
  • Voting on decisions made in school.
  • Valuing and respecting the opinions of others in discussions and using these to develop our learning and understanding of the world.
  • Providing engaging learning opportunities that encourage children to work collaboratively and with a range of children, within their class.
  • Engaging with the others in order to make a positive contribution to the school community - this includes children having the opportunity to be a school councillor, a sports leader, an e-cadet or being a member of our eco-group,  as well as a variety of class responsibilities that are available to them. 
  • Providing play opportunities through our OPAL (outdoor play and learning) approach to lunchtimes which encourage children to play collaboratively and creatively, respecting differences of those that they are playing with, whilst also working within our behaviour expectations.
  • Having assemblies, trips and visitors that raise the awareness of the British values, national and world events.


We pride ourselves on the diversity and inclusivity within the Devonshire school community, which very much reflects our approach to the British Values.