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Our curriculum


We seek to deliver a curriculum that is engaging, effective, meets our pupil’s needs and takes account of the community that the school serves.  We are committed to ensuring that our curriculum is inclusive, promotes equality and diversity and ensures that all children are provided with opportunities to be successful in their learning. 


    Through its clear sequence and progression, it builds on prior learning and secures good outcomes for our pupils.   It has a question-based approach, and meets the needs of the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, providing pupils with enriching learning opportunities to deepen their knowledge and understanding, within specific subject areas and of the world around them.


    Our curriculum is designed to ensure that children develop a deep understanding across a  range of subjects and aligns with the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  National Curriculum subjects are taught discretely.  Links between subjects are made where it is beneficial to the learning in each curriculum area.  We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, using the birth to 5 matters, non-statutory guidance.


    Learning is sequenced in a way that provides children with the opportunity to recall and retrieve previous learning and use this as the basis of further developing their knowledge and skills.  Our curriculum builds on prior knowledge and skills and prepares pupils for future learning.  Through the high-quality teaching and the learning opportunities that the pupils are provided with, they develop in their learning, regardless of their starting points.  


    The learning opportunities that our pupils are provided with, through our curriculum, as well as part of the wider school life, develop them academically and also ensure that they are fully prepared for life in modern Britain.   Opportunities are built into the curriculum that enrich children’s learning and build cultural capital within subjects and the curriculum as a whole. This includes the personal development opportunities that the children are provided with and are able to access as part of school life.  Our school values run through all areas of school life and our curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to develop and apply these values to be successful in their learning and as learners. 


    The curriculum's impact is monitored in a variety of ways including: visiting classrooms to observe teaching and learning in each subject, looking at pupil’s work, their attainment and the progress that they make and talking to the pupils about their learning.  


    Our key curriculum drivers

    Through our curriculum, our pupils will:

    • Have access to quality first teaching;
    • Experience a broad, deep and knowledge rich curriculum;
    • Be literate and numerate;
    • Develop skills, qualities and a rich vocabulary that will help them with their learning;
    • Secure foundations in their learning and key skills to successfully progress to the next stage in their education.


    Our curriculum policy give details about the intent, implementation of our curriculum.


    Our phonics is taught using the Little Wandle Scheme.