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At Devonshire we aim for all our children to be the best that they can be. We cater for the needs of all the children in our school and ensure that they have the opportunities and support needed to aim for success.

Devonshire has a very experienced staff and a variety of resources to support children who may need additional help in a specific area of the curriculum, such as those children who have special educational needs or those children whose first language is not English. We also use additional resources to support those children who are more able in a specific area of the curriculum.


When the children reach the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) their levels of achievement in English, maths and science are assessed and reported to parents summarising their levels of achievement in these subjects.


In Key Stage 2 the children undertake standardised national tests in reading, grammar, spelling and punctuation (GPS) and maths. Science and writing are also assessed through teacher assessment.


These formal assessments are in addition to the constant ongoing assessments made by staff throughout each working day.

Key Stage 2 Results 2023 





School Percentage     
 Reading EXS + 76%
 High 41%
 Writing EXS+ 69%
 GDS 14%
 Maths EXS+ 76%
 High 31%
 GPS EXS+ 81%
 High 44%
 R/W/M combined EXS+ 61%
 R/W/M combined High/GDS 11%
 Science 86%


Average Progress between KS1 and KS2