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Whole school events

An important part of our personal development provision is developing children’s awareness of the world outside of Devonshire; how they can contribute to it and learn from it.


As a whole school, we often focus on a specific event or theme.  All classes work on that within their class and in many cases share their learning with others, in a whole school assembly.  This not only allows children to share their learning but also learn from the work of others.  Throughout the year, whole school learning events include neuro diversity week, safer internet day, anti-bullying week, black history week, ‘Take One Picture’ week, Young Carers action day and many more. 


Our Wednesday whole school assemblies, always focus on local, national and international events or themes that promote an understanding of the world around the children, as well as diversity, equality and respect for all.


Fundraising activities that support local and national charities take place throughout the year and are, in many cases, organised by our children.  These activities not only raise money but also raise the children’s understanding of the work of the charity and those in the local area and wider world who need support.