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Family Services

Family Information Service

The Sutton Family Information Service (FIS) provides free information, advice and guidance on childcare, early education, activities and services for children and young people aged 0-19

(or to 25 if the young person has an additional need) in Sutton.

You can contact the service

Family Information Service provides parents and carers with a comprehensive online directory of

local childcare, activities and family support services. You can access local information via the 

Sutton Family Information Directory.

National and a wide range of other information are available from


Advice on safe internet use

Check out these great websites designed for children and teenagers, their parents and teachers,

about how to have fun and use the internet safely:


Family support information

Here are details of a variety of organisations which exist to support families. So, for information


• Child Benefit - contact HMRC on 0845 3021444

• Child Tax Credit (including queries about Assistance with Childcare Funding whilst seeking work)

-0845 3003900

• Assistance with Childcare Funding (whilst training or studying) – 0800 1218989

• “Into Recruitment Project” – 020 8770 6849 or 020 8770 6000

There is also useful information on: and on the HMRC wesite


Sutton Parents Forum

Who are we?

We are a group of parents and carers all of whom have disabled children.

Our children?s ages range from 0 up to 25 years!

We provide a voice for all the parents of disabled children in Sutton that gets heard (and listened to!)

by the Borough on a regular basis.

Our aim is not to actually solve your problems ourselves but to ensure that they are referred to the

right people. Be assured that if something is troubling you or your family, it will definitely be troubling

other families too!

We would also like to hear about good practice and service that we can recommend as a benchmark.

Joining us is simple. All you need to do is:

  • Fill out a questionnaire. This information is useful for when we need to contact parents
  • regarding particular disabilities for a consultation or discussion regarding services, equipment etc.
  • When changes to a service are being considered, the Borough needs to hear the views of the
  • people that actually use it. You can tell them exactly what is good or bad about it and how
  • something simple might make life so much easier.
  • Come to the meetings when you can. These may be with a speaker ? or just a coffee morning
  • get together. Sometimes all we need to do is talk to people who completely understand what we
  • are going through.

To find out more, please contact The Sutton?s Parents? Forum, Veronica Renwick, Chair, through

Contact a Family on 0208 640-5525


Preparing for further training or employment

Courses are available at Carshalton College. For more information see 'Passport to Employment'.


Family Support - Helpp Group

The Helpp group is run by parents to provide a safe, non-judgemental environment creating an

atmosphere in which parents can learn from each other about themselves and their children. 

They offer support and education about effective parenting strategies that are shared from the heart,

out of their own experiences. 

For more information see the Helpp group's website