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Food & Drink in School

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At Devonshire we recognise the important connection between a healthy diet and children's ability to learn effectively and reach their fullest potential.

We aim to promote the health and well being of pupils by ensuring that

  • healthy food and drink are consumed at school;
  • consistent messages about food and health are given to pupils and their parents/carers;
  • pupils are given the information they need to make healthy choices;
  • medical, religious and cultural requirements are respected; and
  • the school is a nut free zone.



Children in Key Stage 2 are encouraged to bring a fruit to school which they eat at a dedicated fruit time. Early Years and Key Stage 1 children participate in a scheme whereby free fruit and vegetables are offered as snacks during morning play.



We encourage the consumption of water throughout the day. All children are encouraged to bring a named plastic bottle filled with water which they have access to throughout the day. Water fountains are available for use during the day and water is provided at lunchtime. 



All children receive free milk each day until their 5th birthday.  After this, milk is provided at a cost.  Children entitled to free school meals are also entitled to free milk.  Everybody has to apply for milk after their child’s 5th birthday via CoolMilk -  Milk is 22p a day.  Milk is not available for children in Years 3 - 6.


School lunches

Caterlink are responsible for providing school lunches at Devonshire Primary School.

The meals meet the School Food Standards and comprise a hot balanced meal every day.

The Caterer and staff freshly prepare and cook the meals in our school kitchen.

The meal includes a choice of two main meals (one of which is suitable for a vegetarian diet) or a jacket potato with filling, a choice of two vegetables, a salad bar, freshly baked bread, a pudding of the day or a choice of fresh fruit, organic yogurt or cheese and biscuits, and drinking water. School luches are free for all children from Reception to Year 6.


Packed lunches

The school encourages a balanced and healthy diet where children are bringing packed lunches to school, whether it is on a daily basis or for a school trip.

The Government advises that a healthy diet should include fresh fruit and vegetables, water or milk as drinks. Foods to be discouraged are crisps or other salty snacks and highly processed foods. The school asks every parent/carer to support its efforts to ensure that all children have a healthy lunch by adhering to the guidelines given.

For health and safety reasons packed lunches must not contain

  • Nuts or food containing nuts
  • Glass or cans
  • Hot food or liquids

The following items are also not allowed

  • Sweets including chocolate
  • Fizzy drinks


Food Allergies & Intolerances

If your child has a food allergy/intolerance please complete the form below and provide recent supporting evidence from an NHS professional, a GP/consultant or registered dietician.


PSA events

The PSA supports the school's aim to promote the health and well-being of pupils. When organising events, this aim will always be considered whilst recognising that children have treats on special occasions.

Special Diet / Food Allergies & Intolerances