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Clubs run by school staff:


Choir Club

At Choir we learn how to breathe and warm up properly through fun exercises and tongue-twisters. We learn how to make the most of our voices and how to perform together.

We have a lot of fun learning new songs and harmonies. Singing can make you feel wonderful and can really help with confidence too. It doesn't matter if you think you can't sing - we believe everyone can! So if you just love to sing and want to have some fun, come and join us. Keep singing, keep smiling!


Coding Club

The children will take part in coding projects to develop their skills in creating games, animations and web pages in Scratch. We will work together through the projects, helping each other to debug any programs and learn from one another. 


Drawing Club

This club is for children nominated by their class teacher. The sessions will focus on drawing and shading techniques; including the use of a variety of pencils, white highlighter pencils and the use of charcoal sticks.


Gardening Club

Gardening is all about growing things, looking after our environment and understanding ecology.

We’ll plant seeds and bulbs and use different tools and techniques to learn how to look after a garden space both indoors and outside and maybe even grow some things we can eat! We’ll make some things that’ll be useful in the garden and we’ll use some of the garden resources to make things to use at home.


Homework Club
A club open to all children in year 5 and 6, giving them the chance to complete homework at the club and with the support of Miss Oastler and Mrs Carter-Hodge.


Netball Club

Your child will come and learn the skills needed to play netball and rules of the game. We will play games against other schools.


Quiz Club - Years 3 and 4

Come and enjoy our exciting general knowledge quiz. Players will work as a team to answer questions on a range of topics and scores are added each week to our leaderboard. 


Quiz Club - Year 6

The quiz club will test the children’s knowledge and teach with new facts without them even realising. Participating in quizzes will also build social confidence and expose children to learning beyond the curriculum. Working in groups to answer quiz questions will hone the children’s social, debate, and reasoning skills as they discuss answers and reach a conclusion.