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School Development


Delivering the school’s 3 year vision (2022 – 2025)


Over the next 3 years (2022 – 25), we are working towards achieving the following; all of which will enhance and further develop the school community and outcomes for our children.


  • Through our curriculum development and approach to teaching and learning, we will provide children with enriching experiences and opportunities that enable them all to become successful and motivated learners.
  • We will continue to look for opportunities to broaden the experiences of our children in all areas of school life; providing them with opportunities to apply, embed and extend their knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence in themselves as learners.
  • Through our development of a whole school approach to supporting social, emotional, and mental health needs, we will further develop positive behaviour, resilience and community wellbeing.
  • Through continued engagement with all stakeholders, we will further develop the Devonshire community and its successful outcomes.
  • Through the development of shared learning opportunities within the staff team, we will develop the knowledge and skills of our staff team and maximise the quality of teaching and learning.


In 2022/2023, we have 2 key areas of school development, taken from our 3 year objectives.  Each of these areas has an overarching aim, with objectives that contribute towards them.  These can be found in our school development plan.


Approaches to Curriculum and Engagement, to ensure that children are successful and motivated learners (ACE)


  • Curriculum- we aim for our curriculum to provide children with enriching experiences and learning opportunities that enable them all to become successful and motivated learners.
  • Engagement – we aim to engage all children in their learning and to explore ways of further engaging with all stakeholders.